Irrigation and Drainage Department

Irrigation and Drainage Department is one of the Technical Departments of the Federal Ministry of Water Resources. It is saddled with the responsibility of implementing irrigation and drainage programmes and policies of the Federal Government of Nigeria. Specific functions of the Department include but are not limited to the following:-

  • Provision of technical support and guidance for the formulation, periodic review and implementation of national policy regarding the planning, development, operation and maintenance of irrigation and drainage projects, consistent with the National Water Resource and Agricultural Policies of Nigeria;
  • Carrying out studies on the scope and extent of irrigation and provision of a well-articulated and comprehensive master plan for irrigation development in Nigeria;
  • Provision of necessary initiative, guidance and support of plans and programmes of the River Basin Development Authorities (RBDAs) for irrigated agriculture, as well as supervision, monitoring and effective coordination of such plans and programmes;
  • Provision of necessary initiatives and resources for drawing up a code of practice for irrigation and drainage in Nigeria;
  • Provision of technical support and guidance for formulation, periodic review and implementation of national policies regarding land tenure and compensation for irrigation development in Nigeria;
  • Attracting private sector participation in the infrastructure development for expanding the horizon on food and fibre production;
  • Effective and efficient management of water use for the purpose of future sustainability.

Functions And Key Programmes

Towards translating the functions of the Department into concrete actions the following broad programmes are being undertaken:-

  • Institutional strengthening of irrigation agencies and farmers’ groups;
  • Downstream development of irrigation and drainage facilities;
  • Technical support of planning and design activities of the RBDAs to ensure technical appropriateness, economic viability and assist with sourcing of funds for their implementation;
  • Provision of support services and establishment of sustainable operation, maintenance and management guidelines that is based on appropriate government policies;
  • Continuous monitoring and evaluation of the irrigation and drainage system to provide needed data to ensure sustainable management of irrigation and drainage development in Nigeria.

Structure, Activities Of The Divisions In The Department

As at December, 2016, the Department has Five (5) Divisions listed as follows:-

  1. Director and Head of Department, Engr. M.O Offie
  2. Engineering and Technical Support Services (ETSS), headed by Engr. A. O. Mebude
  3. Drainage and Environmental Management Services (DEMS), headed by Dr. (Engr.) E. A. Aderibigbe
  4. Irrigation Planning, Design and Management (IPDM), headed by Engr. (Mrs) E. O. Oluniyi
  5. Pressurized Irrigation System Development (PISD), headed by Engr. A. A. Adenopo
  6. Surface Irrigation Infrastructure Development (SIID), headed by Engr. A. Omata


Transforming Irrigation Management in Nigeria (TRIMING) Project is an operation which complements the Word Bank’s support and focuses on improving Large-scale public irrigation in Northern Nigeria where it can make a contribution to agricultural production, growth, as well as, rural poverty reduction. It has the potential to substantially increase rural production, incomes and employment opportunities, by improving irrigation on 500,000 ha developing an additional 23,000ha of irrigated land (a 8.5% increase for more than 140,000 farmers and over a million direct beneficiary. In addition, the project will reduce public safety risks posed by five large dams in the Northern States by providing flood risk reduction measures benefitting more than 10 million people.

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